Here at Redrose Cars, the last thing we want is to see our customers face huge repair bills on any car they have bought from us.

Although modern vehicles are becoming more and more reliable, the components used are becoming increasingly expensive to replace when a mechanical breakdown does occur.

We are proud to be able to offer Extended Warranties and GAP Insurance for extra reassurances.


Our comprehensive used car warranties allow customers to ensure that if the worst happens to their prized vehicle, it won't break the bank to put things right. Warranties can be purchased with coverage lasting from six months up to five years.. They can include recovery of your vehicle and repairs can be carried out by mechanics located nationwide.


By buying a car with a Redrose premium Warranty you have made the right choice

Present-day automobiles represent a high technical standard and offer a maximum in reliability. Nonetheless, costly damage to important and expensive module components can happen to anyone. With the Redrose Warranty, you can play it safe just in case it happens.

What is covered?

All mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle that were manufacturer's original fitments except those listed below;

Additional items covered:

  • In-car Entertainment Systems 
    (Please note that these items will be covered up to 25% including VAT, of your claim limit on original manufacturer's equipment up to a maximum of £500)
  • Air Conditioning & Climate Control Systems 
    (Please note that these items will be covered up to a maximum of 40% including VAT of your claim limit up to a maximum of £800)
  • SAT NAV Equipment 
    (Please note that this item will be covered up to a maximum of 25% including VAT, of your claim limit up to a maximum of £500)
  • Additional Cover 
    We will provide cover on the vehicle's Catalytic Converter provided an extra fee has been collected and your vehicle was under 5 years of age at time of purchase.


  • Gradual deterioration of performance of a component in line with the age and mileage of the vehicle will be classed as "wear and tear" and excluded from the guarantee.
  • All bodywork and trim, seat belts (any part), glass (including heated screens and door mirrors), sunroof panels, fuel tank, wheels and tyres. Air bags or disposal of air bags.
  • Minor fluid leaks, odours, external oil leaks, worn or perished seals.
  • Consumable items such as, but not exclusively limited to light bulbs, drive belts, wiper blades, brake linings, brake discs, cylinders, cables, glow plugs, split pipes, all hoses and key fobs.
  • Blocked, porous or seized components - including seized brake calipers and caliper motors.
  • Clearing or cleaning of fuel lines or components, contamination of fuel system either by incorrect fuelling or water ingress. Damage caused to any component by water ingress.
  • Clutch components, unless mechanically failed.
  • Electrical connections, wiring looms and batteries.
  • Exhaust system, including but not limited to manifolds, mufflers, brackets and mountings. Including de-pollution or diesel particulate filters and systems and EGR valves.
  • Cylinder block liners for vehicles over 3000 cc.


In addition to the extensive cover afforded by PREMIUM cover

Wear and tear cover and the additional components listed below

  • Multimedia/ Sound Equipment
  • Satellite Navigation System
  • Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Battery
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Roadside Assistance

For more information on our warranties and insurance policies, please call our team on or email